Minor changes in rules and regulations at Brighton’s three cemeteries were approved by the City Council at its meeting Thursday night. The rules at Fairview, Brighton Hills, and Old Village Cemetery are reviewed on an annual basis. The minor rules changes approved unanimously by council involve flag holders, the location of markers and monuments on individual cemetery lots; also the foundations, installation and policy on holding a lot.

No one addressed council at the public hearing which was held prior to discussion and approval of the rules changes. Resident Pat Cole e-mailed the city with suggestions for changes, including her concern that the rules be uniform for all three cemeteries.

Cole also expressed concern about people bringing their dog to the cemeteries. Council was told that dogs are not allowed in any of the cemeteries, which are patrolled by city police. City Clerk Tara Brown told council that the cemetery rules and regulations are posted on the city’s website. Brown also said 150 copies of the rules are printed every three weeks and placed under glass at the cemeteries for the public’s convenience. City Manager4 Nate Geinzer and Mayor Jim Muzzin praised cemetery Sexton Dave Dillard and City Clerk Tara Brown for improving access to information on the cemeteries, as well as their appearance, particularly the garage area at Fairview Cemetery. (TT)