On Tuesday, Nov. 5th, voters in the Brighton Area School District will go to the polls to decide the fate of a $59.3 million bond issue which, if passed, will go toward a plethora of improvements to district buildings and classrooms.

Superintendent Greg Gray stresses that the bond issue will not result in an increase in property taxes, although it would, if passed, increase by one or two years the length of time it takes to pay off the district’s bonds. All district schools — the four elementaries, the high school, Maltby Intermediate, Scranton Middle School, the Brighton Education and Community Center and Miller Intergenerational Center - will see improvements as a result of the bond issue. Gray tells WHMI that while there are a lot of “nuts and bolts” items such as parking lot repaving and the like, there are also a plethora of items directly related to student learning and the classroom, like technology and STEAM upgrades.

STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Electronics, the Arts, and Mathematics, and, as STEAM education is the wave of the future, several schools will see upgrades to their STEAM program: Brighton High School will get an addition in the form of a new STEAM Center and BHS, along with the four elementary schools, Scranton and Maltby, will get STEAM renovations, plus tables and seating for the STEAM program. All four elementary buildings, plus Maltby Intermediate, Scranton Middle School and the high school will get instructional devices, educational equipment, and new computers. The elementaries and Scranton will all get bottle filter stations. Hawkins is also in line for a learning lab, classroom dividers, new lockers, restrooms, classroom cabinetry and ceiling tiles for the 4th grade, plus upgrades to the baseball and softball fields. Hilton will also get a new boiler and chiller, mechanical and plumbing upgrades, parking lot re-paving, sidewalk upgrades and outside lighting; and Spencer’s parking lot will be re-paved.

Maltby will be in line for renovations to the cafeteria, new media center lighting, and the athletic field will get lighting and irrigation. Scranton will receive a new roof, new HVAC units, new lockers, parking lot repaving, a driveway entrance from Lee Road and new well tanks. Brighton High School will get a new multipurpose facility, partial roof replacement, upgrades to the band room, robotics equipment and a new parking lot. The Brighton Education and Community Center, where the Bridge Alternative School is housed, will get new technology for the classroom, while adjacent Sloan Field will receive new lighting and nearby Miller’s parking lot will be re-paved. Finally, the Transportation Center on Borderline Drive will get a new maintenance building and equipment, a new roof, upgrades to the parking lot and mechanical equipment.

Gray says public informational meetings will be scheduled in the next couple of months to discuss the specifics of the bond proposal and answer questions. The meetings have not been firmed up at this time, but an announcement on the dates, times and locations will be made in the near future. (TT)