All signs are good that enrollment will see an increase this fall in the Brighton Area Schools. So far, the number of kindergarten registrations total 530, and Superintendent Greg Gray says it’s the first time during his 10-year tenure in Brighton that kindergarten registrations have been over 500. Gray tells WHMI that kindergarten numbers are a good barometer to indicate that overall enrollment is going up, especially as kindergartners go through the school system, grade by grade.

Gray says Schools of Choice numbers — in which students from neighboring districts can enroll in the Brighton Area Schools - are also looking solid for the new term. Enrollment in Brighton last year was just over 6,000 and is expected to be up slightly this year. The school year for Brighton students — and for all Livingston County K-12 school districts — is less than two weeks away. It starts on Monday, Aug. 26th, with a full week of classes scheduled. It’s the first time in anyone’s memory that school has started before the Labor Day holiday. (TT)