The Brighton Area School District is looking at adding a new program at the high school. It’s called the Junior ROTC program and it’s for students – both male and female - who are interested in a possible military career. JROTC stands for Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.

Superintendent Greg Gray tells WHMI that a survey will be taken of students at Scranton Middle School and Brighton High School to ascertain whether there is enough interest to sustain such a program, which would require a minimum enrollment of 100 students. A total of 29 high schools in Michigan have a junior ROTC program, including Howell, whose program is connected with the US Air Force. If the interest is there, Gray says the program could begin as early as next fall.

Michigan Junior ROTC official Col. George Pettigrew, who gave a presentation at a recent meeting of the Board of Education. Pettigrew said JROTC teaches self-discipline, developing a strong work ethic, responsibility, camaraderie, organizational skills and patriotism.

One potential drawback is the cost, which would likely total about $150,000 per year. Except for classroom materials, the district would be required to pay all expenses connected with the program, including teachers’ salaries, uniforms and insurance. Brighton would be allowed to invite students from other area school districts in order to make the minimum enrollment requirement and would receive their home schools' state aid for the amount of time spent in the Brighton classroom. (TT)