At Monday night’s Brighton Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Greg Gray said that, with a week to go before the start of school, enrollment at both Maltby Intermediate and Scranton Middle School will be about 900, and about 480 students have registered for kindergarten classes. He says the high school also has at least 500 students in each of the four grades – freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior.

Gray tells WHMI the figures are a good sign that the financial stability in the district – which has resulted in an expansion in program and course offerings - is having a positive impact on enrollment. The 2018-19 school year starts next Tuesday, and Gray says that as in the past, the first 10 days will be devoted to evening up class sizes from school to school. His desire is that all elementary schools have an enrollment of about 500.

Gray says the Shared Services program – in which the Brighton Area Schools teaches non-core curriculum classes to schools which cannot provide certain courses – is going well, too, with 2,000 to 2,200 full-time equivalent students. He says Brighton offers the largest Shared Services program of any school district in the state, with nearly 50 schools in about 12 counties, which adds about $2 million to the district’s revenue stream. (TT)