By Mike Kruzman /

Voters within the Brighton Area Fire Authority’s jurisdiction are being asked whether or not to renew their operating millage on the ballot.

BAFA is asking residents in the City of Brighton, Brighton Township, and Genoa Townships for a straight renewal of 1.5mils for 5 years. The last time it was up, voters elected to give the Authority an extra .25 mils, which Fire Chief Mike O’Brian said they have responsibly put to use. In the past year they have begun staffing another station 24/7, and have on average 4-6 people on duty for 24 hour shifts. That staff is complimented by paid on-call and part-time staff, creating what O’Brian calls a “very hybrid, cost efficient model that provides outstanding service.” He said he feels comfortable that with a 1.5-mil renewal they can maintain that.

Their ability to do so is aided by the capital improvement budget that voters approved of and which took effect last year. That has allowed the Authority to thus far upgrade a station and purchase a new fire truck. O’Brian said one of the things he is most proud of is that the Authority is debt-free. He told WHMI that by paying cash they can leverage so much more.

O’Brian says he feels confident at this1.5-operational rate that they can continue to provide the services and keep the controlled slow and steady growth going that they have experienced over the years. If the millage should fail, the Chief said they will seek feedback and ask voters again next year.

When voting, the millage proposal can be found on the back of the ballot. You can find additional details through the link below.