Brighton Township will once again provide financial assistance to the Hartland Senior Center to help support its various services.

The township’s Board of Trustees met Monday and voted to contribute $4,000 for the second consecutive year. The Senior Center offers activities, local transportation, recreational and educational programs to “promote happy, healthy and independent living for adults 50 and over”. Highlighting the importance of the partnership, Township Manager Brian Vick says officials feel the Senior Center is a vital resource for its residents that serves and advances a public purpose.

Senior Center Director Kim Ladd proposed an increased contribution at $4,400 in the original agreement with the township. Vick says the township may have entertained that idea if officials were still working on the 2018/2019 fiscal year budget; however it had already been approved to include the $4,000 rate prior to Ladd’s request. Vick encouraged her to submit the request earlier the next time around so officials can discuss incorporating it into the planning process.

In addition to Brighton Township, the Senior Center also receives funding from Hartland, Deerfield, Oceola and Tyrone Township. Last year, the Senior Center received a total of $38,000 from the five townships to serve 921 members combined. An annual report shows in 2017, 122 Brighton Township residents were Senior Center members. That accounts for 14% of its membership, which is the second highest among the funding partners.

Ladd says the Senior Center’s goal for 2018 is to continue increasing program offerings and create more educational opportunities for members. (DK)

Photo credit: Hartland Senior Center website