By Mike Kruzman /

The City of Brighton has released its annual Water Quality Report.

In its latest report, covering monitoring done during calendar year 2020, the City of Brighton is reporting that they have met all water quality standards and requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency and the State of Michigan. This reporting includes City users as well as service provided to Pine Creek Ridge, Pine Creek Bluffs, Dillion Area, and the Northstar Development located in Brighton, Genoa and Hamburg townships.

Brighton’s water supply comes from 5 groundwater wells located on two well fields with treatment facilities for iron removal, and the additions of chlorine, fluoride and polyphosphate.

In 2020, 8 contaminants were sampled for that fall under the PFAS umbrella of forever chemicals. Each variant was found to be not detectable at the testing limit.

To read the complete report, follow the link below. Within it can be found all the sampling data as well helpful advice for saving water and tips for setting water softeners that can be useful for preserving your system.