Weather has not stopped construction progress on the Border-to-Border Trail.

Trail construction in 2019 was said to have moved at an incredible pace with the completion of 2.6 new miles of trail, reconstruction of half a mile of existing trail in Ann Arbor, installation of two bridges over the Huron River and another bridge over Mill Creek in Dexter, as well as initial development of both a B2B trailhead in Lyndon Township and a tunnel under M-52. There is currently active construction on another 3.3 miles of trail. Both bridges on the Huron River Drive Trail and Dexter-Huron Metropark to Zeeb Road have been set in place. Contractors are now working on the remaining four boardwalks. The boardwalk to bridge #2 remains closed and is marked with orange cones as handrails are not fully installed. Almost all of the trail restoration work was completed in late December and early January. The remainder of the work will be done this spring. On the M-52 Chelsea-Stockbridge Trail from Green Lake to North Territorial Road the contractor continues to work on the path grading, earthwork balancing and placing limestone base material. Work has also started on the retaining walls behind the Lyndon Township Hall. Work for the M-52 Trail Tunnel Project is expected to start up in April or May.

When active construction is finished this spring, officials say approximately 40% of the 22 miles of new trail needed to complete the county-wide B2B system will have been built. An essential element of the expedited trail construction is the public/private partnership between Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission and Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative. (JM)