By Jessica Mathews /

One of two men charged in connection with a double homicide in South Lyon has been bound over for trial and granted release from jail on bond.

Police say 20-year-old Fadi Zeineh of Ann Arbor entered a home on East Liberty Street on December 30th and shot 17-year-old Dylan Stamper, killing him. He also shot Stamper’s 43-year-old father, Kevin, who was hospitalized but later removed from artificial life support.

27-year-old Anthony Porter (pictured) is facing three counts of armed robbery and three felony firearms charges in connection with the murders, although prosecutors have clarified that Porter remained in a vehicle and never went inside the home the night of the crime. He was initially a passenger but later drove the vehicle away.

52-1 District Court Judge Travis Reeds previously denied bond for both defendants. However, at a recent hearing, the judge agreed to set a $50,000 cash/surety bond for Porter and place him in home confinement but on a tether with drug and alcohol testing. reports that family members could post the required 10% and Porter would stay with his mother. Prosecutors didn’t raise any objections and it was stated that Porter is cooperating with investigators and was not believed to be a flight risk based on prior history. Prosecutors told the judge they have a witness who will confirm that they sold a gun to Zeineh and Porter was not aware that Zeineh had a firearm. It was stated that it’s possible a deal could be worked out in which Porter will testify against Zeineh.

Porter waived his preliminary exam during the hearing, sending his case to Circuit Court for trial. Judge Reeds cautioned that any bond violations would result in an immediate bench warrant.

Meanwhile, Zeineh remains held without bond in the Oakland County Jail on ten felony charges that include assault with intent to murder, homicide, armed robbery, and weapons offenses. He’s scheduled to appear for a probable cause conference on April 21st.