By Mike Kruzman /

A local legislator’s bill will direct campaign filing fees towards maintaining voting equipment.

42nd District Republican State Representative Ann Bollin of Brighton Township sponsored House Bill 4285, which is part of a package supporting the maintenance of election equipment. Candidates for office have until 15 Tuesdays before August primaries when seeking nomination by a political party for township office. To appear on the ballot, the candidate must submit sufficient signatures through a nominating petition, or in lieu of that, pay a $100 filing fee. The bi-partisan bill package makes that fee non-refundable, with Bollin’s bill requiring that the fee be deposited into the general fund of the township and must be used only for the purchase and maintenance of voting equipment.

Democratic Representative Terry Sabo, a fellow sponsor within the package, said that most candidates didn’t realize their filing fee previously could have been returned, and that removing the refund makes the jobs of local clerks easier.

Bollin is a former clerk, having served 15 years in Brighton Township. She is also the current chair of the House Elections and Ethics Committee.