By Jessica Mathews /

A local lawmaker led a Committee hearing this week focused on ethics reform in state government.

Republican State Representative Ann Bollin of Brighton Township said putting a check on the actions of the Legislature during the lame-duck period after elections would be a huge step in the right direction for restoring the public’s trust in state government. Bollin chairs the House Elections and Ethics Committee. She led that Committee on Tuesday as House Speaker Jason Wentworth testified before the panel in support of House Joint Resolution A. It proposes an amendment to the Michigan Constitution to require a two-thirds majority vote to pass a bill during the lame-duck session - the period after Election Day in even-numbered years. If the resolution receives a two-thirds vote from legislators in both the House and Senate, it would be placed on the ballot for a vote of the people of Michigan.

A press release states Bollin and Wentworth are prioritizing reforms to make government more accountable and raise the standard for ethics. Bollin commented that people are sick and tired of political games. She added that voters want elected officials who are transparent and accountable - and right now many people don’t feel like they are getting that. Bollin said that during the lame duck, legislators who aren’t returning the following year, no longer have accountability to the voters. She said setting a higher standard will eliminate the temptation for any late-night, partisan deal-making while still ensuring that good, sound public policy changes can move forward.

The resolution remains under consideration by the House Elections and Ethics Committee.