By Mike Kruzman /

A local lawmaker has testified for a plan that will make health-care-over-the-phone a greater option for residents.

On Tuesday, 42nd District State Representative Ann Bollin of Brighton Township testified before the House Health Policy Committee in support of her plan to make telehealth services more accessible to Michigan residents. Bollin said the pandemic has highlighted the importance of residents being able to access safe and reliable health care by connecting with providers virtually or over the phone. House Bill 4355 would ensure that out-of-state physicians can provide telemedicine services to people in Michigan without overly burdensome licensure requirements.

Bollin said, in a release, that this change will give Michiganders access to specialists from across the country, including the best experts in their fields. Being able to connect with a doctor virtually, she continued, allows residents to have health concerns addressed without having to sit in a crowded waiting room with others who may be sick. It has the added benefit of meaning visits can take less time out of one’s day, with not having to drive to and from appointments.

The bill remains under consideration by the House Health Policy Committee.