Jessica Mathews /

A local lawmaker’s amendment to legislation was defeated that would have ensured school calendar decisions rest solely with local school boards and the community they are elected to serve.

Republican State Representative Ann Bollin of Brighton Township offered the amendment to House Bill 4671, which empowers local school boards to start classes before Labor Day without seeking a waiver from the state. Bollin said her amendment would have ensured that the start of classes could not be used as a bargaining chip during union negotiations. The amendment was ultimately defeated and HB 4671 remains under consideration by the House.

Earlier this year, Bollin introduced House Bill 4501 which would prohibit the last day of the school year from becoming the subject of collective bargaining. She said both the beginning and conclusion of the school year should be decided in an open debate by the local school board.

Bollin commented “The school board and superintendent of a local school district should decide the start and end of the school year to meet the needs of their community. This is an important policy that should not be held hostage by negotiations with union executives”.

Bollin further asserted that she’s committed to being a strong advocate for local people who want to have a voice in the decisions that affect their communities.