By Mike Kruzman /

A local legislator is continuing to call for the head of the Unemployment Insurance Agency to resign or be replaced.

State Representative Ann Bollin of Brighton Township is calling for new leadership within the UIA. Bollin said that UIA Director Liza Estlund Olson revealed nothing at a House Oversight Committee hearing, Thursday, that would warrant her staying on the job.

Estlund Olson was appointed Director 10 months ago after her predecessor resigned. Inefficiencies have plagued the UIA since the beginning of the pandemic, and then matters were exasperated earlier this year when roughly 700,000 residents were sent letters questioning their eligibility for claims they had received.

Bollin said, in a release, that Estlund Olson hasn’t taken responsibility for the agency’s failures and has tried to shift the blame to others.

However, during Thursday’s hearing, Estlund Olson said she “absolutely” takes responsibility for what she has done since she took over, but also noted that she’s asked the Legislature for funding to add 500 staffers but that it has not been authorized since March.

Regardless, Bollin stated a belief that the people of Michigan deserve better than what they have received from the UIA, and that a change of leadership is needed there to provide a new direction. Bollin first called for the director’s removal in August.