A local legislator says recent statewide car insurance reform will have a positive benefit for Livingston County drivers. State Representative Ann Bollin of Brighton Township said this week that fee reductions announced by the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association will mean more money in the pockets of local motorists.

The MCCA has announced that will drop its current $220 per vehicle assessment to $100 per vehicle for the year-long period beginning next July 2nd. The new $100 assessment is the lowest rate in Michigan since 2003 and will be charged only to drivers choosing to maintain unlimited lifetime personal injury protection benefits. Those choosing lower coverage limits under the state’s revised no-fault insurance law will avoid the fee altogether.

Bollin supported reforms that are helping account for this 55% savings. She said this is the first tangible sign of savings made by car insurance reforms, and that she doesn’t expect the financial benefits to end there. She said “the new law will continue to provide relief for years to come by offering drivers more choices, combating fraud, and ending price gouging on medical services for crash survivors.” (MK)