Repairs to a water system has prompted a precautionary boil water advisory for some residents in a Brighton Township subdivision.

The advisory applies to residents within the Country Club Annex Subdivision utilizing the Livingston Community Water Authority. Around 9am Friday, the water system will be shut down to repair several fire hydrants and replace old worn out water main valves in the subdivision. Water Authority Chairman Mark St. Charles says because they need to shut the water off on Ethel Street, they are required to issue the precautionary boil water advisory.

It’s anticipated the water will be off for approximately six hours. All homes on Ethel Street from Weber to Burson and possibly some homes on Burson and Weber will be affected. Since the water will be taken down to zero pressure, a precautionary boil water advisory is issued for 72 hours, or until noticed. The advisory is intended for any water that will be used for human consumption.

Additional information is available in the attachment. (JM)