A boil water advisory has been issued for some Livingston Community Water Authority customers in Green Oak Township.

The Boil Water Notice applies to the Saxony, Wilmor & Meadows Subdivisions, located north of Lee Road between Rickett Road east to Whitmore Lake Road. Mark St. Charles, the LCWA Chair and also Green Oak Township’s Supervisor, says it’s a scheduled shut down for repairs to numerous valves and the replacement of one hydrant. At around 8am, the water system lost pressure due to repairs to 4 to 5 water main valves, replacement of one fire hydrant and a small corporation stop leak. The water will be turned back on tonight and but turned off again tomorrow for replacement of any valves not accomplished today. Finish up work will happen on Wednesday but at this time it is not anticipated that the water will have to be shut down. Since there was a total loss of pressure, the boil water advisory was issued for 72 hours or until testing confirms everything is clear. The advisory is intended for any water that will be used for human consumption.

A map of the affected area and more information is attached. (JM)