A Fowlerville educator has been named a regional teacher of the year.

A total of ten teachers comprise the 2018-2019 Michigan Teacher Leadership Advisory Council, a group of teachers dedicated to sharing a teacher’s voice in education discussions throughout the state. Bobbiesue Adams, who teaches mathematics and physical science at Fowlerville Junior High School, was selected to represent Region 8. As Regional Teachers of the Year, the ten educators were recognized for providing strong leadership in their buildings and districts, and officials say they will now have opportunities to expand their leadership role to bring a teacher’s voice to a wider audience in their regions.

State Superintendent Brian Whiston said there are outstanding teachers throughout Michigan and they want to recognize their regional impact and benefit from their experiences, adding the honor brings a broad perspective to improving teaching and learning in all Michigan classrooms.

The teachers were selected following a multi-level process that began with more than 430 different teachers being nominated by students, staff, and community members. On April 18th and 19th, the group will interview with a panel of statewide education stakeholders to determine the 2018-2019 statewide Michigan Teacher of the Year. (JM)