Jessica Mathews /

An upcoming presentation will focus on one of Detroit’s biggest rockstars and hometown heroes – Bob Seger.

Bob Seger’s biographer will be presenting next week at the Brighton District Library.

“Turn the Page” is the only Bob Seger biography written to date. The book is said to offer a detailed, unbiased, and accurate account of Seger's life and career as “a true rock legend”.

Author and Detroit native Edward Sarkis Balian, Ph.D., was a Detroit-area musician and performed on stage with many Seger contemporaries beginning in the 1960s. Tracking Seger's over half-century music career, the book follows Seger from his earliest days playing Detroit area high schools and gymnasiums up through and including his final 2019 national tour.

Balian said "Turn the Page summarizes the brilliant and astonishing career of a true Hall of Fame composer and entertainer. Seger's body of over 50 years of work, coupled to his love of music and an almost unbelievable tenacity, led him to well-deserved fame and fortune. This was no fluke. The Seger career was full of major challenges – a rock 'n' roll roller-coaster to be sure".

The presentation will take place next Thursday, October 5th from 7 to 8:30pm.

Registration details are available in the attached release and provided link.