A local rescue has officials reminding the public about the importance of wearing life jackets while out on the water.

On Sunday, Hamburg Township Fire & Police along with Livingston County EMS and the Livingston County Dive Team were dispatched to a reported drowning on Zukey Lake. A resident along the lake called 911 to report he witnessed a sail boat capsize with reports of one person in the water trying to stay above the water with the possibility of a second person unaccounted for. Hamburg Township Fire Department had units on scene within two minutes of dispatch with a crew going out to the capsized boat within six minutes.

Upon reaching the boat it was discovered that the person trying to stay afloat did not have a life jacket. Personnel threw a rescue rope to the victim and pulled him onto the boat. He was the only person that was in boat at the time it capsized with no other victims. Units on scene assisted with getting the sailboat up righted and back onto shore.

Hamburg Township Fire and Police officials are using the near-tragedy to remind people to have life jackets on any time they, their family, or friends are on the water, adding that even the best swimmers need a life jacket when an accident happens. (JK)