The man who represents Livingston County in Congress says Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is definitely much too broad and has ventured into areas it was never empaneled to look into, but nonetheless should be allowed to continue until it is completed.

The comments from 8th District Republican Congressman Mike Bishop come as former FBI Director James Comey makes the media rounds promoting his new book about his tenure at the agency and subsequent firing by President Donald Trump last year, prompting speculation about the future of Mueller’s investigation.

Speaking Sunday on WHMI’s Viewpoint, Bishop said while the President has the Constitutional authority to have Mueller dismissed, it isn’t something he would advise be done, although that doesn’t mean he approves of the way the investigation is being handled. "If you've got a special prosecutor who was duly charged and given the proper role, that he has in my opinion, he's got a job to do and he's got to finish it. But it's the role itself that concerns me and how broad it is, to me its un-American and it's just not the way to conduct an investigation."

Bishop said that as a former prosecutor himself, he feels Mueller has gone way beyond his original scope of seeking evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian interference in the 2016 election. “If I handled myself this way where I had a blanket cart-blanche to go out and find people who may have committed crimes, there would be some issue with my role and the Constitution…the whole concept of special prosecutor needs to be rethought.”

You can hear his full comments on the issue through the link below. (JK)