Jessica Mathews /

Free marriage services are again being offered to couples looking to tie the knot for eternity on this Valentine’s Day.

Howell resident and Ordained Minister Bill Fenton is again providing free wedding services to couples. He’ll be at Eternity Brewing Company in Genoa Township from 5pm to 10pm and anticipates performing around 20-30 ceremonies.

Fenton previously performed ceremonies at Uptown Coffeehouse in downtown Howell but told WHMI he’s changing things up for those who are ready to spend eternity with their special someone.

For the annual Valentine’s Day occasion, couples RSVP and bring their marriage license. Fenton keeps things short and sweet for the ceremonies. The coffee shop weddings began after he noticed a need for a simple and affordable way to legalize a marriage.

As a former Howell firefighter/EMT, Fenton said he just loves helping people.

While he hasn’t met his goal of delivering a baby yet, he says performing marriages are right up there because he’s helping people who are beginning their new life together. Fenton added that what brings him the most personal pleasure in life is seeing other people smile and be successful.

Today marks Fenton’s 10th anniversary of performing local weddings on Valentine’s Day and he says he’s probably done just over 2,000 ceremonies in that time.