April O'Neil / news@whmi.com

The Livingston County Community Alliance (LCCA) announced there is a total of 78 Big Red Barrels now available for Michigan residents to dispose of unused and/or expired medications.

Originating in Livingston County over 10 years ago, the program aims to reduce youth substance abuse by providing secure and tamper-proof barrels for residents to properly dispose of medications. All police stations located in Livingston County now have a Big Red Barrel, along with every Michigan State Police Post.

According to LCCA, flushing medications down the toilet or throwing them in the trash effects the groundwater. Some municipalities are installing more expensive, higher-grade filtration systems to combat the issue.

Since the beginning, the Big Red Barrel project has properly disposed of over 50,000 pounds of unused medications throughout the state.

More information is available in the attached press release.
To see a complete list of BRB locations, visit the provided link.