By Tom Tolen /

Brighton High School administration has revised the Brighton High graduation procedures for Saturday due to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s latest Executive Order, issued Wednesday.

Because outdoor gatherings are now limited to just 100 people, Principal Gavin Johnson says the ceremonies will be extremely short, with no performances or speeches. According to Johnson, who has put in long hours on the graduation plans, the students will still come into the high school football stadium at the same times as he previously announced, and will still receive their diplomas on stage.

Graduating seniors who plan on attending will be instructed to come to the main gate and see Johnson’s staff in order to be admitted to the football field. Those attending will be asked to wear face masks and comply with social distancing requirements (that is, a minimum of 6 feet from other people). Parents and or guardians (and also any photographers) will also be instructed to come to the main gate and see staff for admittance to the field. Once inside the stadium, they may situate themselves near the front of the stage in order to take videos or photographs as they choose. It is estimated that the smaller ceremonies will take about 30 minutes each. Johnson advises that the seven families who previously indicated they need a different time slot for emergency reasons e-mail him again with that request.

Here is the listing of the individual diploma presentation times, which are arranged in alphabetical order.

Alphabetical assignments and times:

Abramson - Birchmeier 9:00 am
Birecki - Cataldo 9:30 am
Catner - Del Proposto 10:00 am
Delcamp - Fischer 10:30 am
Fisher - Greca 11:00 am
Gurkan - Hoy 11:30 am
Huang - Killen 12 noon
Kincaid - Lienemann 12:30 pm
Lin - Momberg 1:00 pm
Moore - Osterman 1:30 pm
Owens - Rainey 2:00 pm
Rauch - Schreiber 2:30 pm
Schrock - Stanton 3:00 pm
Stawiarski - Veri 3:30 pm
Vernon - Willey 4:00 pm
Williams - Zultowski 4:30 pm