By Mike Kruzman & Jon King /

A local legislator, and former sheriff, is critical of a proposed plan for investments in law enforcement.

Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently announced her MI Safe Communities Plan which would make a $32-million investment in funding and training for law enforcement. Money would be available retention and recruitment, professional development and training, behavior health services, and more detectives. The investments in Whitmer’s plan will be going to communities with the highest increases in violent crime.

State Representative Bob Bezotte of Marion Township is also a retired Livingston County Sheriff with 33 years of law enforcement experience. He said, in a release, that in a couple of cities he imagines this investment will go a long way, but that there are more than just a couple of cities in the state, and no one can predict when a crime is going to occur.

The 47th District Republican said that “this isn’t a comprehensive plan to keep people in all of our communities safe. It is pooling taxpayer dollars and handing them out to areas that support the governor.” Bezotte highlighted a plan proposed by Michigan House Republicans in May which committed $80-million for law enforcement statewide with money for retaining and recruiting officers, signing bonuses and tuition assistance for advanced training.

The House proposal also promotes the use of body cameras and community policing. Bezotte says their plan understands the challenges law enforcement officers face, especially in a climate “where officers can be under fire for merely doing their jobs.” He called it “an inclusive proposal that is the right way forward…”