By Mike Kruzman /

Commissioner and former Sheriff Bob Bezotte won his race for 47th State House, while incumbent Ann Bollin won a second term representing the 42nd District.

Two years ago, Bezotte left his post as Livingston County Sheriff to win a spot on the County Board, and now he’s moving up to the capital. Bezotte handily defeated Democratic-challenger Adam Smiddy in the race for 47th District House of Representatives. Bezotte told WHMI that he can’t thank the citizens of Livingston County enough, his campaign team, his family, and everybody that’s helped him along the way. He called it an exciting ride, and said he guarantees to work hard for the people of Livingston County, and promises to uphold the conservative values he’s shown throughout his career.

Bezotte said he has a few goals, but also understands there are another 109 State Representatives to work with. He said his passions are with law enforcement, as he sees them as taking heat right now that they don’t deserve. A veteran, Bezotte is also concerned about the military and the approximately 22 veterans who commit suicide daily. He said also values education and getting kids back to school, along with wanting to fix infrastructure and health care.

The 47th seat is currently held by Republican Hank Vaupel, who was term limited and couldn't run.

In Livingston County’s other State House race, 42nd District Republican-Incumbent Ann Bollin of Brighton Township won her re-election and a 2nd term by defeating Democrat Donnie Bettes.

Both Bollin and Bezotte, while leading on absentee ballots, gained significant margins from in-person voting, Tuesday.

Complete results can be accessed through the provided link.