By Mike Kruzman /

The Michigan Republican Assembly (MIRA) has endorsed one of the local candidates for 47th State House.

County Commissioner and former Sheriff Bob Bezotte announced MIRA’s endorsement of his candidacy for State Representative, this week. The Michigan Republican Assembly is a member of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, and works to unite both fiscal and social conservatives. According to a release, they support candidates whose interests range from tax cuts and national defense; pro-life to educational concerns; 2nd Amendment rights to national sovereignty; and traditional conservative values.

MIRA’s endorsement is another for Bezotte, who has already been endorsed by Right to Life, Livingston County 2A, the Livingston Law Enforcement Association, former Attorney General Bill Schuette, former 47th District State Representative Cindy Denby, and current 47th District State Representative Hank Vaupel. Vaupel is term limited and cannot run again.

Also running for the GOP nomination in the August 4th primary are Chair of the Livingston County Replican Party Meghan Reckling, Marion Township resident Yvonne Black, and Zach Dyba, assistant to the Brighton Township manager.