In-laws, holiday debt and strained relationships are just some of the issues that tend to add stress during the holiday season, but one local life coach is hoping to help people to find ways to better navigate the season emotionally.

Brigette Patton is a public speaker, soul embodiment guide, and the CEO of Soul Massages. During this time of year which can be stressful for many, Patton is sharing how emotional learning and intelligence can help people get in touch with their “inner authority.” She explains emotional intelligence like the feeling you get when you enter a room and it feels really tense, or on the other side, how a child laughing can make you feel light-hearted. Acknowledging these feelings is one of the first steps to understanding what each emotion is communicating, Patton says, and connects your mind to your body. Patton says that the first and foremost thing she can think of for shifting emotional intelligence is to set an intention for the day. She says setting an intention to become more emotionally aware and understanding can be a very powerful thing, and that you may see different opportunities to explore this showing up throughout the day.

When dealing with difficult in-laws or even spouses, while seeing things from the other’s perspective can have value, Patton says that being more aware of oneself may be more valuable. She believes focusing on yourself and being the best version of you has a way of automatically giving the other person permission to put their guard down and be softer. Peaceful, calm words can often set a needed boundary without having to project a feeling at somebody, more aggressively.

Patton says one thing she asks herself everyday is, “Am I doing this because I think I need to do this, or because it feels amazing that I’m doing this.” Find what might light up people other than a gift. This could be a game night, movie night, or a homemade certificate for quality time. Patton says these opportunities are a chance to connect emotionally with others on a level much deeper than something material might provide. Patton will further discuss the concepts this Sunday morning at 8:30 on WHMI’s Viewpoint.

More information and advice can be found in her soul embodiment tribe Facebook group, or her YouTube Channel, “Soul Massages.” (MK/JK)