The Genoa Township Board will meet tonight and could approve adding a basketball court at the township hall property.

Members have regularly been discussing the concept and associated costs during the last few board meetings. Most recent talks centered on doing prep work simultaneously for another pad to add a second court in the future that could be converted to basketball, tennis or hockey. General consensus was to get quotes for actual costs for a single court and ground prep for a second court to be added at a later date. The site would be graded to accommodate two courts, with one constructed this year. The court would be lined for basketball and include hoop systems, pads and ball containment netting on each end. Since a preliminary proposal was first presented, lighting has been eliminated along with extra side fencing. The township logo would be incorporated into the basketball court.

Supervisor Bill Rogers told WHMI they found what they feel is a good location toward the front of the property for the court. He says they have a lot of facilities going really well from soccer fields to the playground and sled hill. Rogers says staff and the board felt it was appropriate to hold the conversation about what’s next and whether basketball might appeal to those in the community. Rogers says the thought is that a basketball makes some sense and they have an area down below that would blend in with the township hall property. He says they’re looking into it to see if it can work and would then gauge how active it is. Rogers says he is still constantly surprised because every time he drives by he sees a lot of people out and about walking the paths, playing on the playground or playing on the soccer fields and it’s pretty impressive.

The board meets tonight at 6:30pm. On the agenda is an item to approve site work and court installation at a total cost of $105,303. Site work is estimated at $45,000 and court installation estimated at $60,303. (JM)