Jessica Mathews /

A public information meeting was held about a much-needed resurfacing project that starts next week in Northfield Township.

On Monday, the Washtenaw County Road Commission will close Barker Road between the end of the pavement and US-23 for a road resurfacing project. The cost is around $800,000. The project limits stretch from roughly just west of Whitmore Lake Elementary School, all the way east to Jennings Road.

Work involves pulverizing and resurfacing Barker Road. The road will also be widened to include 6-foot partially-paved shoulders on both sides. A pedestrian crosswalk will be installed near Northfield Estates and a culvert and some sidewalk openings will be replaced where needed.

Project Manager Michele Ford says the current condition of the road is pretty poor and anyone who drives it knows the pavement has reached the end of its life. She says they felt the road required more than just a simple mill-and-fill so they’re doing a more extensive treatment to get a really good surface when all is said and done.

The road improvements are expected to take approximately four weeks to complete. However, all dates are tentative and subject to change due to weather conditions.

During construction, the Commission and contractors will maintain access only for people who live, work, or own property within the project limits. All other traffic will be required to follow the posted detour or seek an alternate route. There will be posted detours on either side of the project limits, some of which include gravel roads.