By Mike Kruzman /

Staff at the Howell Nature Center are helping a majestic bird recover from an injury, in hopes that it may soon take back to the skies.

The Humane Society of Huron Valley made a rescue of a bald eagle, found tangled in fishing line near Ann Arbor. The wire was wrapped around his wing, tying and trapping him to a log. The bird was then transported to the Howell Nature Center for veterinary care and rehabilitation.

The nature center’s vet verified that the eagle did not sustain any major injuries, and after some time rest, will be put in an outdoor flight pen to test his ability to fly. The Howell Nature Center is one of a small number of facilities licensed for this rehabilitation, thanks in part to their 100-foot flight pen. Once the eagle successfully completes its tests, it will be returned to Ann Arbor and released back into the wild.

In a release from the nature center, they note that this particular eagle is “relatively famous” and can often be seen with his family on a popular nest cam. Some fans noticed he had gone missing and became concerned, helping prompt the search.

The rescued bird is federally branded with an identity tag that the nature center was able to report to the United States Geological Survey’s North American Bird Branding Program. Through that, they learned the eagle is 10 years old.

The nature center is also using this as an opportunity to remind residents about the dangers discarded fishing line can have on wildlife, and that it is a major cause of death and injury in animals.

Photos: Howell Nature Center Facebook page