A Howell Township automotive “boutique” has received preliminary site plan approval and a recommendation for a special use permit. The owner and the architect for the new Auto One Glass & Accessory were before the Howell Township Planning Commission earlier this week for the approvals. While the business currently sits on the north side of Grand River, it will moving across to the south side, sharing a lot with Grand River Party Store. The move is being made so that the owners of the self-storage business connected to Auto One can expand. It will be located near a pair of already existing automotive care businesses.

The special use permit was approved with the conditions that no service can take place outdoors, nor can any vehicle in a state of disrepair be stored outdoors, as well. The owner was agreeable as they mainly deal in windshield replacement, window tinting, and the installation of aftermarket accessories. He said there were no plans to expand their services to include larger repairs or even oil changes. If a future owner should wish to expand to heavier work, they would need to get administrative approval from the township engineer.

The preliminary site plan was also presented with much of the focus on landscaping. While the property is losing roughly 27 of the 145 shrubs on-site, 30 of those that remain will be moved to the front of the property to create a more appealing visual shield. Planning Commission Chairman and tree expert Andrew Sloan, liked the new positioning of the shrubs, but gave advice against the planting of 3 Bradford Pear trees on the property, cautioning that their root system would tear up the asphalt. As Auto One prepares their final site plan, the special use permit will head to the Board of Trustees for approval. (MK)