A statewide initiative that includes the Livingston County Health Department will focus on encouraging breastfeeding this month.

August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month in Michigan. Breastfeeding is a low-cost way that provides a foundation for good health in both babies and mothers. It prevents hunger, malnutrition, and ensures food security for the child. Health Department Public Information Officer Lindsay Gestro said the aim is to reduce stigma. Gestro called breastfeeding a natural process of life, and a great binding process for mother and child.

The Michigan Breastfeeding Network has announced a statewide project to help provide quality care for moms and babies overtime. Supporters of this effort include the Livingston County Health Department, along with several hospitals, agencies, and physicians. The public is invited to take in a Breastfeeding Walk this Wednesday on the front lawn of the State Capitol. Festivities begin at 11:30am. Families and young children are welcome. (MK)