Argentine Township has been awarded state grant funding for a multi-use trail project.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently signed legislation creating more opportunities for quality outdoor recreation by authorizing $26 (m) million in Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund grants. Funding was approved for 64 recreation development projects and land purchases. The Trust Fund board recommended funding to both state and local agencies for development projects and land acquisitions that aim to increase the quality and quantity of public outdoor recreation opportunities. This round of grant funding reflects continued support of trail systems, specifically those with broad regional and statewide impact, as well as an extensive range of development projects that expand opportunities across Michigan for camping, fishing, biking, hiking and snowmobiling. Locally, $300,000 was approved for Argentine Township and development of a 2.1-mile multi-use trail system to improve safety and accessibility for citizens and visitors to the community. The project is the first phase of the 16-mile Linden, Argentine Township, Fenton and Fenton Township (LAFF) regional trail system which begins in Southern Genesee County and connects to Southern Oakland County at Seven Lakes State Park. The trail will promote tourism, exercise, and outdoor recreation to all surrounding communities.

The Trust Fund board's recommendations go to the Michigan Legislature for review as part of the appropriation process. The Legislature then forwards a bill to the governor for approval. (JM)