A solar ordinance is being considered in Argentine Township.

The Argentine Township Planning Commission met recently and discussed potential rules should a business or developer want to locate in the community and establish a solar farm or lease or purchase property to do so. The Tri-County Times quoted Township Trustee and Planning Commissioner Scott Conner, who said “alternative energy is coming at some point, in one form or another”. He says the township wants to make sure they’re properly addressing concerns that accompany such uses including nuisance, environmental impact and safety concerns that go along with solar farms. Some talking points included landscaping screening, distance from adjacent properties and potential glare from panels on nearby homes and roads. If a solar farm is to be abandoned, then the property owner or developer would be required to remove the panels and return the property to its prior condition.

The proposed ordinance is currently under review by the township attorney and it will be brought back to the planning commission for a final review. It would need to be forwarded to the township board for any final approval action. (JM)