A local police department is creating a K9 unit, but is also looking for donations to help sustain it.

Argentine Township officials approved the new crime fighting unit at their latest Board of Trustees meeting, after permission was asked for by Police Chief Daniel Allen. Allen said he felt that with the recreational marijuana laws changing, the K9 unit will be necessary for maintaining their compliance. Normally, when an officer pulls over a vehicle and wishes to search a bag they need consent. But Allen says that if a dog sniffs the bag and indicates that they smell drugs, that constitutes probable cause and no further consent for searching is required.

Argentine officer and trustee Scott Conner owns Felony, the 3-year old German Shepherd who will make up the new unit, according to the Tri-County Times. Township Supervisor Brian Saad questioned what would happen if, in the future, they were unable to raise money for upkeep on the unit, including expenses like food, veterinarian bills, and insurance. Treasurer Norm Schmidt included in his motion for forming the unit that costs associated to it must be made through donations to the department. Allen stated that he has heard a desire by residents for the K9 unit and believes this will put very little burden on the township. Argentine Township has had a K9 units in the past, but has been without since 2015 when K9 Sirius retired.

For more information, or to donate, call (810) 735-5050. (MK)