A county subcommittee has approved a nonprofit’s annual plan outlining steps that will be taken to better support local services for disabled and older adults.

The Area Agency on Aging 1-B provides services to older adults and people with disabilities in a six-county region that includes Livingston County. Some of the organization’s offerings include the Meals on Wheels program, advocacy, transportation assistance, home care and adult day services. The nonprofit’s 2019 Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) was brought before the county’s General Government and Health & Humans Services committee Monday, where it received approval, moving it forward to the Board of Commissioners for consideration.

The plan outlines objectives the organization has been and will continue to implement by the end of next September using a combination of grants and funding avenues. As of May 2018, the draft budget for the agency’s regional services was $18.5 million in federal and state funding. Cost sharing, donations and cash in-kind matches bring the total budget to an estimated $22.1 million. Among the plan’s objectives are five categories that are prioritized and to receive the most funding, which are home delivered meals, congregate meals, in-home services, adult day health services and care management.

The plan also lists program development objectives that the agency says will strengthen their existing assets, like increasing their outreach to the Hispanic/Latino population and expanding awareness of services to the LGBT population. Listed as a highlight in the 2019 AIP are accomplished and ongoing measures to secure additional, alternative funding in the event of a reduction in federal and state grants. Other objectives include reaching out to newly elected legislators to educate them about some of the older adult population needs.

The agency’s 2019 AIP can be viewed in its entirety at the link or attachment below. (DK)