The township’s Board of Trustees approved a recommendation for the appointments and reappointments at a meeting Wednesday.

Lamberto Smigliani and Keith Lee have both been reappointed to the Planning Commission, while Stephanie Kramer has been appointed to the commission, all of which are for three-year terms expiring in December of 2021. Township Supervisor Mark St. Charles says he expects Kramer will be a great addition to the group.

Kathy Williams has been reappointed to the Fonda Island Briggs Water Authority for a three-year term. For the township’s Board of Review there were four reappointments made, all of which are for two-year terms, those members being Amy Crotty, Lynn Gardell, Dawn Goldburg and Deborah Yu. Three appointments were made to the Historic District Commission as well. Ginger Jones, Diane Wynings and Jo Ann Williams will all serve three-year terms set to expire December of 2021.

St. Charles says he also will soon be interviewing a candidate for the Zoning Board of Appeals, as he has been “looking desperately” for someone to fill a vacant seat. (DK)