By Jon King /

A second wave of coronavirus cases has prompted the City of Brighton to adopt some changes.

According to a release issued late Thursday morning, due to a similar level of COVID-19 cases currently as compared to when the virus first hit in the spring, the city was taking what it called “appropriate precautions to prevent transmission of the virus.” Starting on Monday, November 16th, City offices will be closed to the public. City-related business will need to be conducted by email or phone, although staff may accommodate some in-person services by appointment under limited circumstances. Also, effective November 30th, City employees will be splitting time between in-person operations and remote working arrangements.

Michelle Miller, Brighton’s Human Resources Manager, said the decisions were made, “With the health and safety of City employees and residents being of the utmost importance” and that the City was choosing to be proactive “in hopes of avoiding a devastating disruption to city services that would result if several employees were exposed or diagnosed with COVID-19.”

Brighton Mayor Shawn Pipoly added that because we are in the midst of a “major uptick in positive COVID cases in the Livingston County…it is IMPERITIVE that we do all that we can to protect our Residents and City Staff.” However, Pipoly stressed that they were making every effort to take every possible precaution to ensure continuity of essential services. “These are the right actions to take, BUT, by no means does this mean our City is closed. You will continue to receive the level and quality of service you deserve and expect from our City.”

You can see the full release from the city with additional details and contact information below.