An advocate for all things Alzheimer’s is helping throw a fundraiser for the cause.

Last year, Brighton’s Laura Kovach was named Volunteer of the Year and was featured in the inaugural edition of the Alzheimer’s Association’s national magazine, “ALZ.” She is the former chair and co-chair of the Brighton Walk to end Alzheimer’s, a volunteer Alzheimer’s Ambassador, and a board member for the Michigan Great Lakes Chapter.

A top fundraiser each year in the city’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s event, last year Kovach hosted the first Gatsby Gala fundraiser, bringing in over $5,200 in donations. This year, the Gala is coming back in a new location, Brewery Becker, in Brighton, with a fundraising goal of $10,000.

Kovach said it was while caregiving for her grandmother, “Chupe,” that she learned there was not a lot of help for caregivers, whether helping a loved one at home or in assisted living, with resources or assistance in insurance coverage. Kovach said that the diagnosis can be overwhelming, leaving people without knowing where they can turn for help. She said every patient with Alzheimer’s is different, and that often “you really don’t know how to navigate the journey moment to moment. What really helps is meeting others who’ve gone through it.”
Events like the Gatsby Gala and Walk to End Alzheimer’s can be a great benefit for meeting others who have gone through the trials, and knowing that you are not alone.

This year’s Gala is scheduled for August 15th. Guests should come dressed to the nines in their 1920’s attire for an evening for food, drinks, dancing, giveaways, a cigar bar, silent auction, and more. Tickets are $75 and all funds will be donated to the Walk to End Alzheimers, being held on October 5th.

Purchase tickets to the Gatsby Gala through the link below. Kovach will also be a guest this Sunday at 8:30am on WHMI's Viewpoint. MK