A pair of alpacas were on the lam this week in Green Oak Township.

A motorist called 911 to report two alpacas wearing bandanas running loose on Rickett Road on Thursday evening. In a Facebook post, Green Oak Township Police say their Alpaca Enforcement Officer David Vasiloff was dispatched to the call and was assisted by Sergeant Marty Otman. Upon arriving in the area, Officer Vasiloff noticed that both alpacas were rounded up by two outstanding residents after they saw them running in their front yard. Phillip and Erin Lowery led the two alpacas into their garage and were willing to care for them until the unknown owner was located. Within about 10 minutes, Police say the owner contacted 911 to report her alpacas missing. She was given the address and arrived to reunite with Aphrodite and Athena. The Lowery’s offered and walked the alpacas back to their home approximately ½ mile away.

The owner, Jennifer Hansen, responded on social media to say she was so relieved when she got to the house and saw police and the amazing neighbors taking care of her girls – adding she is incredibly lucky to live in such an amazing place and offered deepest gratitude to all. Facebook photos. (JM)