The Handy Township Board has authorized a quarterly maintenance agreement for a water plant.

The township operates a water plant that only services the Red Cedar subdivision. The water needs to be softened because of the condition and it also needs to be inspected on a routine basis. The board met recently and approved an agreement with Supreme Water Treatment. Board Supervisor Ed Alverson tells WHMI there’s a new manager for infrastructure alternatives and they’re using a company to help them get the treatment running properly… Alverson tells WHMI the purpose of the maintenance agreement is that every 90 days they will come in and double check everything to make sure it’s all working properly. He noted that they have done a really good job bringing down the hardness of the water, adding it’s very important they give quality water to the residents of Red Cedar. The hardness count of the water was now said to be under 100 - compared to results around 275 before. It was noted during the meeting that it is an aging plant that the township will have to keep an eye on.

While the Red Cedar water system is separate for that subdivision, Alverson says water for the Silver Springs development is provided by the Village of Fowlerville, which Handy Township purchases through the Village. (JM)