Howell City Council has approved a license for a competitive video game room, which the owner has likened to an “adult Chuck-e-Cheese’s”.

The application for a Commercial Recreational Establishment license came before council Monday and was unanimously approved for “Lucky’s Skill Games”. Owner Greg Miller says Lucky’s is similar to an arcade, but with skill-based redemption games instead. The video gaming systems are either networked to allow players to compete against one another or standalone units for one player games.

Miller also compared the business to casinos and their games that hinge on chance. He says a skill-based player has to take action to determine the outcome of the game and while it’s not gambling, money can be used to play and prizes can be won. The operation is legal because the rewards are non-cash merchandise only. However the business will strictly cater to players 18 and up, as Miller says they didn’t want to encourage minors to get into a mode that is similar to gambling.

Miller says this concept has been around for about 10 to 15 years and when the building at 920 East Grand River became available, he decided to move forward with the venture. Lucky’s will be located on the northwest corner of the intersection at Grand River and North National Street, near Rite Aid, the Mobil gas station and Scratch Sweet Shop. The hours of operation may be from 11am to 8 or 9pm, though Miller is still working to decide what would work best with the surrounding community. Lucky’s also will not be serving alcohol.

While a few interior improvements remain, Miller says the building is otherwise complete and is hoping to move into the space within the next two weeks. Miller expressed his love for the Brighton and Howell area, noting his excitement to bring the business that is unique in the city to the community. (DK)