Additional road repair money is headed to Livingston County and two of its municipalities.

State Representative Hank Vaupel of Fowlerville says Livingston County, the village of Fowlerville and the city of Howell will receive the funds for immediate use this year. Vaupel supported a new law providing $175 million in transportation funding statewide, with much of the money headed directly to counties, cities and villages for road preservation and construction.

The money is left over from a previous state government budget cycle and already available, meaning no additional fees or taxes are required for the investment. The extra money comes in addition to record-level road funding provided by previous long-term reforms. The state also has strengthened its warranty system designed to make sure new and refurbished roads will last longer. Vaupel says, “Fixing roads is a top priority and there’s no reason to wait when we can fill more potholes and repave more roads as soon as possible.”

The county is expected to receive approximately $1,505,074. Cities and villages receive money on top of that, including $22,533 to Fowlerville and $62,188 for the city of Howell. (DK)