A manufacturing facility in the Village of Fowlerville has been granted approval to construct an addition to their current building.

A site plan from JNB Machining came before the Village’s Planning Commission Tuesday night for consideration. The company plans to construct a 28,256 sq. ft. addition to the existing industrial JNB Machining building, located at 195 National Park Drive. The property is currently zoned Light Industrial/Research district, which permits industrial facilities as a land use. Planner Justin Sprague of CIB Planning told commissioners at their meeting that the applicant’s plans had met village ordinance standards.

Sprague did however note that while JNB Machining is currently in compliance with parking spaces required, the company has also asked to land bank 21 parking spaces at the rear of the property for future need. Sprague says that means that the applicant has shown on the plan that they can met the requirements of the parking standards for the number of spaces they need. After meeting with JNB’s engineer, he felt the company probably wouldn’t need all of those spaces right away so the site plan shows where those spaces would be constructed at the time that they would need them, but that the spaces would not be built at the time of the addition.

Sprague recommended approval of the site plan, as long as the company notifies the Village when they intend to add the land bank parking for review and approval, and that approval is granted by all other reviewing agencies prior to issuing a building permit. The Planning Commission voted unanimously to approve the site plan with those stipulations, which also include certain conditions outlined by the Village’s planner and engineer that must be met.

According to their website, the JNB Machining Company was established in 1991 and has since been producing parts and products for leading automotive companies, and currently has 45,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing area. (DK)