Jessica Mathews /

Livingston County residents and others who might find themselves in an unexpected pinch have a potential option for a safe ride home.

AAA Michigan activates its Tow to Go program during the year-end holidays to provide transportation for the would-be impaired driver and their vehicle.

Tow to Go is active through 6am Monday, January 2nd. When called, a tow truck transports the would-be impaired driver and their vehicle to a safe place within a 10-mile radius. The service is free to anyone but the Auto Club Group says it should be treated as a last resort.

AAA says Tow to Go has been provided during major holidays for nearly 25 years and removed more than 25,000 impaired drivers from the road.

Nationwide, AAA expects this to be the third-busiest year for holiday travel on the roads in history. A press release states crash data from NHTSA proves that combining cocktails with crowded roads can be deadly. From Christmas to New Year’s in 2020, there were 209 drunk-driving related fatalities nationwide.

AAA Michigan spokeswoman Adrienne Woodland said “The greatest gift you can give this holiday season is your presence, so be sure to plan for a safe ride home before the celebrations begin. Alcohol, drugs and even prescription medications can affect your ability to drive and cause unnecessary risks for everyone on the roadway. If you’re tempted to drive impaired, call AAA instead and we’ll transport you and your vehicle to a safe location”.

Michigan residents can call (855) 2-TOW-2-GO for a safe ride.