By Jon King /

Livingston County residents and motorists are being reminded about trick-or-treating safety and the dangers of impaired driving this Halloween weekend.

AAA Michigan Spokeswoman Adrienne Woodland tells WHMI Halloween is a very important time to be mindful of traffic safety. "Halloween can be one of the most dangerous nights of the year for both pedestrians and motorists. With the increased number of pedestrians trick-or-treating, the risk of cell phone distraction while driving or walking, and potentially impaired partygoers behind the wheel, it makes for a frightening combination."

A 2021 study of Halloween traffic fatalities found that 18% of those killed in fatal crashes on Halloween are children, while pedestrians have a 50% higher chance of being fatally injured on Halloween than on the average day.

Woodland says it really is important to remain vigilant when we’re out and about on Sunday. That includes driving slower through neighborhoods so you have extra time to react to children who dart out into the street and avoiding distractions while driving, such as checking social media, sending a text message, and talking on the phone.

She adds that there are also some good tips for parents who will be chaperoning their kids around the neighborhood. If you’ll be using social media, she recommends posting pictures and updates before or after you go trick-or-treating and avoid checking your phone while walking or supervising children. Also, walk with your children as they go door to door and be sure to show them safe places to cross the street. Finally, try and stay in familiar neighborhoods and only visit homes that have a porch light on.