By Jessica Mathews /

A rough afternoon and evening commute can be expected for anyone traveling throughout Livingston County – or really anywhere across the region.

AAA Michigan is urging caution and anyone who doesn’t need to go out is being advised to stay home. Motorists with trips that take them through the zone of ice and snow should be prepared for substantial delays, dangerous travel and road closures.

AAA Michigan Spokeswoman Adrienne Woodland says with the winter blend of snow forecasted, AAA definitely expects to receive a high number of road service calls for things like extrications, dead batteries and flat tires. As the weather worsens, she cautions that service requests may be prioritized in an effort to assist stranded motorists who are in dangerous roadside conditions first.

For those that are out on the roads, Woodland reminds to always drive at a safe speed. If anyone does get stuck in the snow or ice, Woodland advises to straighten the wheel out and accelerate slowly and then add sand or cat litter under the drive wheels to help avoid spinning tires.

For those who might be stranded, Woodland says AAA advises staying in the vehicle as it can provide shelter and help emergency responders locate them, adding it also prevents people from being struck by any approaching vehicles. If anyone must get out, she says always make sure surroundings are safe.

Woodland adds that motorists should avoid driving on the shoulders or medians of highways to get around traffic jams - which need to be kept clear for first responders, tow trucks and other emergency vehicles to get to the cause of the stoppage.

AAA further advises to always keep a well-stocked emergency kit in vehicles.