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International trips are on the rise this year.

According to AAA booking data, international travel is up more than 200% compared to 2022.

AAA Michigan Spokeswoman Adrienne Woodland tells WHMI international trips are on the rise this year and hotel bookings have seen the biggest jump up at more than 300% over last year. She noted the spike is also driving up airfares and tickets for international trips are up more than 30%.

Air fares in general continue to be a mixed bag and typically depend on the destination, where someone is traveling to and from, and the time of year.

Woodland added that with the pandemic finally passed, a lot of people want to get out and about and see things.

Europe and Canada are the most popular destinations per AAA data – with London topping the list with a nearly 350% increase over last year. For travel bookings, Woodland says the majority of the top destinations were in Europe and Canada. While London ranked #1, Woodland says places like Rome, Paris, Dublin, and Barcelona were other hot spots. In Canada, the most popular destinations were Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary.

Woodland reminds that anyone planning to travel internationally prioritize their passport – which includes checking the expiration date because some countries require a passport be valid for 6 months beyond someone’s date of departure. She also recommends enrolling in the state department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program or STEP, which alerts travels of any unrest or advisories at destinations.

AAA offers various tips to prepare for international trips. A link is provided.

Photos: AAA - Tower of London - Royal Mile in Edinburgh